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Iconic Photographer Rocks 50Folk

World renowned rock photographer, Nick Elliott , is rocking the folk world with the release of 50Folk , a new limited edition, fine art, photographic book to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Cambridge Folk Festival . 50Folk features a collection of the iconic rock photographer's favourite...

DVD: Jake Thackray and Songs (BBC DVD 2014)

Having arrived on the maternity ward of Doncaster Royal Infirmary in 1981 - the year the BBC gave Jake Thackray his own six-part series - it's little wonder that I don't recall this masterpiece of musical television. For the last thirty-three years, Jake Thackray has existed only, for me, inside...

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Jarema - Everyone At Home DVD (Self Release)

In a time when CDs are becoming as archaic as 78rpm records, with all sorts of digital methods of communicating music to the people, in effect replacing the high street record shop, the music DVD is still a good way of getting your music across. Shot in moody black and white in some old disused...

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