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Number 194

Whippersnapper - Tsubo (WPS WPS002)

I first heard the British folk quartet Whippersnapper via local radio in the mid-1980s after the band had made a successful appearance at the Beverley Folk Festival. Having already made their debut LP Promises, the band toured the UK and I got to see them a few times throughout the mid to late 1980s at several venues before having a hand in booking them in Doncaster myself. The band, made up of Dave Swarbrick, Chris Leslie, Martin Jenkins and Kevin Dempsey, were one of the most exciting bands on the British folk scene and quite possibly were not taken all that seriously due to their comical name. Their dextrous musicianship and inventiveness, especially in their arrangements of traditional material, made them a much sought after live band. Once again their second LP Tsubo, incorporated folk and jazz elements with a nod towards Bulgarian influences, Martin Jenkins later moving to Sofia and who sadly died there in 2011.