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Number 200 - 30.10.11

Old Virginia Block - Devon Sproule (Keep Your Silver Shined)
Blackbird - Rachel Unthank and the Winterset (The Bairns)
Over the Hill - Ruth Notman (Threads)
St Olav’s Gate - Tom Russell (The Long Way Around)
Joseph Cross - Eric Taylor (Shameless Love)
She's the Woman - Steve Tilston (Songs from the Dress Rehearsal)
Sally Free and Easy - Pentangle (Soloman’s Seal)
In My Life - Judy Collins (In My Life)
Season of the Witch - Donovan (Sunshine Superman)
Say You Will - Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
You Can’t Count on Anybody Anymore - Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
Faithful Heart - Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
Mothership - Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
Under the Silver Sky - Fearing & White (Fearing & White)
Praying for the Bell to Ring - Larkin Poe (Summer EP)
Made For Rain - Good Lovelies (Let the Rain Fall)
Song Long to the Red River Valley - Quebe Sisters (Timeless)
Song of the Gypsies - Gay and Terry Woods (The Time is Right)
When the Time is Right - Gay and Terry Woods (The Time is Right)
Empty Rooms - Gay and Terry Woods (The Time is Right)
Samson - Regina Spektor (Begin to Hope)
Time - Rosie Doonan (Moving On)
Make You Feel My Love - Adele (19)