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Number 231 - 23.07.12

Theme Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)
Saskatchewan - Viper Central (Thump and Howl)
Reason Enough - The Rick Lollar Band (Soulful Hang EP)
Celebrate - Larkin Poe (Thick As Thieves EP)
Sail Away to the Sea - The Once (The Once)
Out in the Parking Lot - Darrell Scott (Long Ride Home)
Lorelai - Jessica Lawson (Molly of the Tyne EP)
Fleetwood Fair - Katriona Gilmore and Jamie Roberts (Up From the Deep)
Young Billy in the Low Ground (Bags Outside the Door EP)
Long Hard Fall - Larkin Poe (Spring EP)
Time To Grow - The Lovell Sisters (Time To Grow)
Praying For the Bell - Larkin Poe (Summer EP)
Trance - Larkin Poe (Winter EP)
The Principle of Silver Lining - Larkin Poe (Summer EP)
The King of Rome - The Unthanks (Diversions Vol2)
Arkansas - Gem Andrews (Scatter)
Icarus - Greg Russell and Ciaran Algar (The Queen’s Lover)
Old Friends - Guy Clark (Old Friends)
To Live Is To Fly - Guy Clark (Old Friends)
All through Throwing Good Love After Bad - Guy Clark (Old Friends)
One of Those Days in England - Roy Harper (Bullinamingvase)
Sam Stone - John Prine (John Prine)
Barrack Street - Nic Jones (Penguin Eggs)
Outro Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)