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Number 286 - 19.08.13

Theme Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)
Hospital - Antun Opic (No Offence)
Haunted - State of the Union (Snake Oil)
This Could Be Your Anthem - Cam Penner (To Build a Fire)
Swing the Gates Wide - Raina Rose (Caldera)
Second Sight - James Duncan MacKenzie (James Duncan MacKenzie)
White Heat - Sam Baker (Say Grace)
Midnight Feast - Lal Waterson and Oliver Knight (Once in a Blue Moon)
Midnight Rider - The Allman Brothers Band (Idlewild South)
Midnight on the Bayou - Mischiya Lake and the Little Big Horns (Fooler’s Gold)
Pass It Along - Scott Cook (One More Time Around)
My Favourite Picture of You - Guy Clark (My Favourite Picture of You)
You Stay Here - Richard Shindell (13 Songs You May or May Not Have Heard)
1929 - Sheesham, Lotus & Son (1929)
Clowns - NavaCross (All The Way Home)
Beekeeper - Aiofe O'Donovan (Fossils)
So Comes the Day - Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer (Seed of a Pine)
Bus Station - Patrick Sweany (Close to the Floor)
I Won’t Be Coming Home - Lucky Bones (Someone’s Son)
Jesus Was a Cross Maker - Judee Sill (Judee Sill)
Crayon Angels - Judee Sill (Judee Sill)
Lopin’ Along Thru the Cosmos - Judee Sill (Judee Sill)
Outro Tune: Rocking In Rhythm - Richard Thompson (Strict Tempo)