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Pete Dilley - On Reflection (Self Release)

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County Durham's Pete Dilley returns with a fresh set of self-penned songs following last year's FORECAST, his second self-released album. Once again Dilley's confident guitar playing is prominent throughout, together with his own distinctive way of telling stories. Joined by a handful of friends for this release including Sue Hill on fiddle, Jon Gordon on banjo and guitar and Steve Wilson on percussion and bass, who also produces, Pete also includes a couple of fine duets with Amelia Orgill including Familiar Stranger, an older song re-visited to include Amelia's voice. If the snowbound cover shot of FORECAST suggested winter, then ON REFLECTION is very much blessed with a timely Mediterranean feel, with a mandolin playing Dilley hiding in the shade, reflected in the pool. Some of that mandolin can be heard on the album, most notably on the instrumental The Pish and the Diddler. Despite the inclusion of a couple of instrumentals, the other being a guitar piece from which the album’s title derives, the emphasis is really on the songs. By his own admission, Dilley wears his heart on his sleeve, with one or two tender love ballads of the unrequited variety included here, Same Old Same Old for instance. For the most part contemporary and soul searching, Dilley does tip his hat to the past occasionally, on such songs as The Rifleman's Wife, Columbus Unknown and the a cappella They Won't Make a Soldier, which in all fairness could be taken as a bang up to date contemporary song, in recognition of the futility of war. This collection of songs and tunes concludes with a bonus song, re-visiting an older song which appeared on Dilley's first album, Let's Start Again, with a couple of additional verses.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky