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Grassoline - Mountains and Grave (Self Release)

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With Dylanesque vocals and an instantly recognisable bluegrass sound, Chesterfield's four-piece acoustic band Grassoline (great name) present their debut mini-album, which reflects some of the songs from the band's current stage repertoire. Falling easily within the Folk and Americana sphere, with their distinctively youthful 'newgrass' sound, the six songs show a band in its infancy, yet demonstrates at the same time early signs of potential. With their guitar, fiddle, mandolin and double bass ground, Grassoline's sound is already showing signs of a tightness that will stand them in good stead as their material develops. Recorded live off the floor in just one afternoon at Foundry Studios in Chesterfield, MORNING AND GRAVE includes the standout Out on the Air, with its foot-tapping rhythm and memorable refrain. 

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky