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James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band - The Tower (Dead Records Collective)

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Sometimes an album cover doesn't quite tell the whole story. The old straight back chair amidst the detritous of an unidentified derelict property, beer bottles and dust dancing with the daylight filtering from an obscured window, providing the only glimmer of hope, is far from the dozen delightful songs on James Edwyn and the Borrowed Band's fine debut. The six-piece alt-country band probably owe a debt to Ryan Adams; once or twice Edwyn's voice echoes some of Adams' finest moments, especially when duetting with Emma Joyce, who is to James Edwyn what Emmylou is to Adams. Look no further than Something Gold for evidence of that. There's some really good songs here, She Sees Rainbows, The Last Waltz, There's a Body in the Water, each one finely crafted and melodically infused, utterly convincing, well produced (by Neil Macdonald and Ronnie Gilmour) and certainly worthy of some attention.   

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky

Airplay: She Sees Rainbows (Show 378/31.05.15)
Release Date: 01.06.15
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