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The Bar-Steward Sons of Val Doonican - Sat'day Neet Fever (Self Release)

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Once again Barnsley's own tank-topped chroniclers of everyday life 'darn tarn' deliver another album's worth of local folklore with delicious parodies of iconic pop standards such as the thinly disguised I Fought the Lawn, Portaloo and The Lady in Greggs, treating The Clash, Abba and Chris de Burgh with equal dollops of irreverence. The album possibly follows the story of a Darfield paint store clerk Scott Doonican anxious to get out of his dreary day job who meets up with a local secretary eager to move to the more glamorous Sheffield, who becomes his dance partner, all to a soundtrack of disco classics such as Pint Fever and Eaten Alive

SAT’DAY NEET FEVER finds the trio of Scott, Alan and Andy Doonican in fine fettle throughout the dozen songs, which also includes the autobiographical (Alan Lost His Wig On) Route 66, the Beatlesque 'elp and the predictably regretful Sunday morning-after ballad Queasy, which throws an altogether new light on Lionel Richie. Fun and giggles for most occasions.

Allan Wilkinson
Northern Sky